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You get the higher score one way only

You get the higher score one way only, kill the boss faster you can take as much time as you want to clear the dungeon but only the boss gives the rating not the dungeon itself. You need to clear the rift quickly, while still killing a fair amount of monsters. Don't bother killing small cheap mu zen packs of 5-10 monsters, try rounding them up at the key bosses.

If you can group up for rifts, it will make them faster to complete, lower your chances of dying, and let you run them on a more difficult setting. However, you need to know that people in parties rushing to the boss skipping the mobs, which can drop tons of loot. Go to the final boss, and you're good to go. That said, you can definitely explore the whole thing for extra experience and rewards, should you wish to do so.

More MU Legend news and tips we will post here in, you can keep eyes close in our site.
See more of these in now.. well thanks, great!



2018-01-08 03:39:52



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