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In the creation of the character mu legend

In the creation of the character, players are going to be chosen the acquainted category is Dark Knight (DK), Dark Wizard (DW), Fairy Elf and Summoner. it's still unclear if the Dark Lord category will be unfastened once reaching level 250 buy mu legend zen as originally declared. Of course, different character categories can have different potential gains, for instance the Dark Knight desires plenty of power, whereas the Fairy Elf gains a fast gain. this is often conjointly a well-known feature of the letter of the alphabet game generally.

Not solely that, once change of integrity the letter of the alphabet on-line net you'll have a really acquainted feel from the scene map Lorencia, Davias, water wheel to the Burman, Necessity, Champagne. in conjunction with that's the hearth arena Devil sq., Blood Castle .. harking back to several recollections within the past.

About the gameplay, letter of the mu legend zen alphabet on-line net still take the essential game is self-type machine, the task to level players through that unlock new options. The initial moment is kind of easy gamer nearly simply a click away. fooling around at level a hundred and twenty speeds curtail the task and by this point the player can have to be compelled to level the monster. Besides, once level four hundred, the Masterskill system can open up the ability of the character. BY here now... so come on, more cheap mu legend zen in playerhot!



2017-11-09 03:13:46



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