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Some characters questions....

I did a few 10 times pulls and I have a few questions about some of the new characters I got:

- Seiryu: how good is he? Beside shadowbind which I don't need for MZ6/7 since I have Leviathan all maxed up. Is he any good as a Mage? I don't have any Shadow characters beside Zerro^ (been meaning to recode Sha'plar but he has been a low priority so far), so is he any good as a shadow mage? Is he worth unlocking his jobs and leveling?

- Kir'ue: this is my first photon character but he doesn't seem to be a very good one at it. Any thoughts about him? Should I invest in him?

- Annu: she seems valuable because of her both physical and magic tap skills. So I think I should invest in her, but is she any good as a mage (or physical dps)?

- Bajanna: I got lucky coin, so I'm guessing I have no use for her really (bummer, would've much preferred Zeera).

- Burbaba^: I hadn't come around to recode my original Burbaba, and now I pulled his recode. Is he any good? Worth the trouble?

- 36AIS: She seems like a mediocre healer for an SS, with Amisandra^ all maxed out, I think I have no use for her really. Am I wrong?

- Okklitot: looks like another useless character that was added for the pleasure of seeing a golden card. No?

Lastly, a more general question, do you see yourself using both the recoded and non-recoded versions of Snaip and Bahl on the same team? I'm struggling with Luck grinding and I'd like to recode again both of them to get the extra luck bonus (and they already have ~10 luck each because of multiple pulls) but not sure if I should lose them!

Please help....

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2017-09-26 12:24:24



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