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#1 2012-05-16 10:46:28

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This RP

Hey people.

I'll start to tell how to RP. Down here i've got an example:

Pete took the bottle and headed to the river. As he got down to get some water, he spotted something in the water. Pete looked closer and saw a Magikarp. He turned around and yelled: "Hey, Don. Here's a Magikarp. You wanna catch it?"

It'd be nice if you would write more. But after this, another user will respond and continue the story.

The user playing Pete can't control Don, and vice versa.

About catching the pokemon? You have to check in the Pokédex and see if you're able to catch them. The Rank-Points means a lot in this RPG.
A Pidgey don't need any RPos, so you can catch that from the start. Then when you've got 35 Rpos you can evolve your Pidgey. Etc. You've got it?

Admins and mods will be the gym leaders. Battles is all RP. But be realistic. I've two examples of battle scenarios here:

The correct one:
Pete took his Pokéball with Graveler in it. He looked at it a moment before throwing it, yelling: "I choose you, Graveler!"
Graveler got out of the Pokéball. Standing and watching the Goldeen.
"Crap!" Pete said, when he figured out, that he just sent out a ground pokémon against a water.
"Okay, Graveler... Let's try with a Rock Smash" Pete said, nervous.

The wrong one:
Pete send out Graveler.
"I choose you, Graveler!"
Graveler got out and attacked the Goldeen just as he got out. The Goldeen fainted after a few hits.

The correct one is good because Pete ain't godmodding at all. In the wrong he is really, really godmodding.

A battle will continue untill one of the users give up!
You can only be one place at the time!

Well. Guess that's it.
Have fun.



2012-05-16 10:46:28


#2 2013-08-04 12:12:08

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Re: This RP

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#3 2013-10-09 16:37:00

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Re: This RP

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Re: This RP

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