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#1 2017-10-04 06:58:17

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Some questions about Pewter Feruchemy and compounding.


Physical Feruchemy, particularly Pewter, should leave the Feruchemist with lasting damage because of the rapid changes to their body. But we know it doesn't because Feruchemy has natural protection/healing built into those particular powers. Pewter Feruchemy heals the body from the damage of rapid growth and atrophy of the muscles and also keeps the body going when tapping a lot of strength. My question is, does this protection also apply to compounding a Feruchemical attribute? Let's say a Pewter/Pewter twinborn stores 75% of their strength for a year, basically living as a cripple, or using Pewter allomancy to keep themselves going.  Then they burn that metalmind, getting as much strength as if they'd been storing at that rate for 10 years. Is there an upper limit on compounding certain attributes or does the muscle mass keep increasing? Does their bone structure also grow to match their muscle growth? Would their organs grow to support the immense increase in mass?  If they would continue growing until their vital organs could no longer keep up (much like Koloss), would Gold Feruchemy help in any way? What about Gold compounding?

Thank You!!!

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2017-10-04 06:58:17

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